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Vantium V1

The iPad by Apple opened a new market segment of people that will like to have a device more mobile and convenient to use than a laptop, at the same time that has a larger screen with more functionality than a smart phone. 90% of computer users today basically use their computers for the following; Browsing, Pictures, Video, Games, Reading and Music (when it comes to leisure) and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (when they need to work)

Research showed us that a lot of people that bought the iPad found it only useful for play/leisure but useless when they needed to work, particularly with Microsoft Office documents. In addition to this was the fact that, it was very difficult to move files from their laptop to the TabletPC and vice versa. They only carry it around as a status symbol but ended up using their laptop for serious work.

The Vantium v1 is created to remove this frustration; it is designed for work and also fantastic for play. It is lighter and faster than the iPad, you can create/edit/view Microsoft documents on the go, you can connect your FlashDisk or external hard disk as large as 250 GB and copy files directly into the Vantium v1. Enjoy Vantium to Vantium chatting just like blackberry to blackberry pinging. Get local and international news on the go (no need to buy newspaper anymore), has inbuilt 3G – just insert SIM card and start browsing. Take unlimited pictures, shoot videos with the front and rear camera. The Vantium v1 is currently going through certification by DSTV to allow people watch DSTV live on the Vantium v1.

The Vantium v1 is perfect for everyday computing which allows you do all that you would normally do on your laptop and even more. The Vantium will do to the laptop what the laptop did to desktop computers. The Vantium will reduce your use of the laptop for everyday computer usage. With the Vantium, you may not need to carry your laptop everywhere you go again. The interesting thing is that you can have all these wonderful benefits at about half the price of its peers