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Vantium m1

Why Choose the Vantium?



    Vantium m1

  • Make Calls
  • Send/Receive SMS
  • Small size makes it portable
  • Fair Battery Life
  • Camera for taking pictures

  • Screen size too small for serious work
  • Memory size too small to install useful applications
  • Small keys making typing inconvenient
  • No USB port to use flash drive

  • Install many software applications to do serious work
  • Has USB to connect flash/hard drive and move files
  • Large Hard disk space
  • Large Screen for serious work
  • Full-sized keyboard for convenient typing Webcam for video chatting

  • Heavy to carry around
  • Inconvenient to use while standing
  • Short battery life
  • Cannot make phone calls
  • Cannot send/receive SMS
  • Cumbersome for taking pictures and recording videos
  • Needs dongle for Internet Browsing
  • The Vantium m1 combines the advantages of the phone, laptop and tablet into a single device. With the vantium, you don't have to carry multiple devices. The 3-in-1 Vantium device combines the following advantages:

  • Make Phone Calls
  • Send/Receive SMS
  • Mid-sized screen large enough to do serious work
  • Medium-sized On-screen keyboard for serious work
  • Has USB port to connect flash/hard drive and move files in and out
  • Convenient to handle and use while standing
  • Work on the go with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents
  • Take pictures with Front and Back camera
  • Chat with Skype Video anywhere
  • Watch DStv live via pre-installed app(drifta not included)
  • Insert GSM SIM Card to browse on 3G (No need for dongle)
  • 8GB internal Space expandable to 32GB through ex-Memory Card slot