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Vantium Power Capsule

Introducing the Vantium power capsule, a single sleek device which can charge your Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, iPod/iTouch/iPhone/iPad on the go in some cases up to 4 times. It is a product of necessity ideal in Nigeria’s current situation of unstable power and imminent oil subsidy removal.

Specification for Vantium PC-5200

  • Device Type: Power Capsule, Model:pc-5200
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Input: 5V---1000mA; Output: 5V—1000mA (MAX)
  • Adapters for Europe

The features for the Li-ion battery pack PC-5200  

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, ipod, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry,Samsung, etc.
  • Five LED indicators show battery’s real time capacity, each for 20%
  • LED torch, last for 260 hours
  • Packaged with Nokia and Blackberry connectors, recharge your devices anywhere
  • Portable, and rechargeable,
  • Elegant design that will slip into your pocket seamlessly

The package includes

  • PC-5200 power capsule
  • DC3.5 switch cable
  • Nokia Connector
  • Micro USB Connector
  • Adapter
  • User manual

(Connector for Ipad,Ipod,HTC, Samsung, PSP etc.. are  available as extra accessories)